Been trying to meet you


must be a devil between us

or whores in my head

whores at my door

whores in my bed….

Smá upphitun fyrir kvöldið og nokkrir gullnar setningar sem hafa verið látnar falla um bandið:

„I love every single thing The Pixies ever did“

– Dave Grohl – Guitar magazine 1997

„The band of the ’80’s. It’s tragic that one factor of their breakup was the complete indifference to them in their own country“

– David Bowie

„The Pixies were the most influential guitar band of the last 20 years“

– Jon Stewart (Sleeper)

„I was trying to write the ultimate pop song, I was basically trying to rip off The Pixies“

– Kurt Cobain re: Smells Like Teen Spirit – Rolling Stone Magazine Jan ’94


Færðu inn athugasemd

Skráðu umbeðnar upplýsingar að neðan eða smelltu á smámynd til að skrá þig inn:

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